What are ssl certificates and how do they work ?

Friends, today we will know in this article what is the work of SSL in any website or blog and how it helps our blog, along with that we will know what are SSL certificates and from where to buy, how to setup SSL certificate, and What are the advantages of SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate or SSL which is Full Form Secure Socket Layer, we use it as a Protection Service, SSL Certificate is beneficial for both the Internet Users and Website Owner.

Whenever someone creates his own website or blog, he should install SSL in his website because it has many advantages like your website remains secure and the data of your users or readers is also safe, that is why any user can trust your website. Can and can give his personal detail as well as it also helps a lot in Google Ranking.

Nowadays, you see SSL installed on every website because it is as important as getting an article ranked in Google, if you have an e-commerce website or blog, then it is very important to install SSL because you have to take data of your customers. Which you would never want Hackers to steal.

Let us know in detail how we can use SSL and what benefits it gives us.


What is SSL?

As I told, SSL Certificate works like a Protection Service, there are many brands and companies whose business runs online and they also have to take the data of their customers, so it is very important for them to install SSL, it is also very big websites. Helps to keep secure, because any businessman considers his customers like God.

If you want to know which website is SSL Protected or which website or blog has an SSL certificate, then it is very easy, you have to start that website and look in the address bar of your browser where initially you have a picture of a lock. Will appear which will remain a closed lock.

Whenever you click on that lock, you will see a box “Connection Is Secure”. Also, whenever you open a website without SSL, that website starts with Http,

And when you open a website with SSL, it starts with Https, if you click on the URL of that website, then you will see Https:// written in front of the URL. What is SSL, we will know further.

  • With SSL – Https://Websitename.in
  • Without SSL – Http://Websitename.in

I hope that you have understood that “What are ssl certificates” ?


How does SSL work?

Now we know how SSL works, friends, when you open any SSL site in your mobile or browser, your browser tries to connect to that SSL Secured Website, then the server of those websites is an SSL Key. sends to our browser.

After that the browser verifies that SSL key whether it is SSL or website safe or not and sends a message to the server in return, only then there is an encrypted communication and data transfer between the server and the browser, which is fully Remains encrypted and safe.


How is SSL Certificate Safe?

Whenever we open a website without SSL (Http) and you enter your personal information in it or you enter your bank details while doing online transaction, then when the communication between the browser and the server takes place, it is in the form of Plain Text. Happens in.

This plain text means that any person can read your information very easily, this means that if someone wants to hack your information, then they can easily find out your personal data or bank details.

If we talk about a website with SSL (Https), then whenever you share your personal and bank details on such a website, then when there is a data transfer between your browser and the server, it remains encrypted, which means that no one can read it. could,

Even if someone wants to see your information or gets it, then he cannot read it, it is useless for him, he cannot decrypt it, even if he gets the data, then he will not understand it.

SSL works in this way and protects the data transfer between two systems by encrypting the data.


Advantages of SSL Certificate

  • If there is an online transaction on your website, then SSL secures it.
  • SSL also secures the personal details entered while login/signup.
  • Protects the data transfer between the website and the server from being hacked or stolen.
  • If you have a website or blog, then you should install SSL because SSL Secured Website is considered good and safe from Google’s
  • point of view and helps it to be ranked in Search Engine.
  • Protects Transaction and Customer Data happening in E-Commerce Websites.
  • No hacker can hack your website or blog.

There are many other benefits of SSL Certificate that you will know when you use it.


Where to buy SSL?

Friends, whenever you buy hosting for your website, there are many reseller companies like Hostgator, Godaddy, Bigrock which provide you SSL certificate. And there are some companies like Hostinger which gives free SSL.

So whenever you go to buy hosting, once you see whether that company is giving you free SSL or not, which most companies give, some companies give free SSL only with good and expensive plans.

You can also install Free SSL in your website, it also protects your website in the same way as Premium SSL, so you do not need to worry.

So let’s see now how to install SSL in your panel, I will install it in Hostinger’s panel, if your SSL is from another company then it doesn’t matter, the process is almost the same.


How to setup SSL?

Step-1 Login to Hostinger Account and click on Manage Hosting, then we will go inside the Hosting Panel (C-Panel).

Step-2 After this go to the website of SSL For Free and enter your domain name there and click on Create Free SSL Certificate.

Step-3 After that create your account there. Such a Dashboard will be seen, click on the New Certificate shown below

Step-4 Now you have to enter your domain name here www.Domainname.Com and click on Next Step.

Step-5 You will see 2 options like 90 Days and 1 Year, for 1 year you have to pay, then we click on 90 Days and click on Next Step.

Step-6 Now you will see the HTTP File Upload option below, after clicking on it, you have to download the file by clicking on the 1st point Download Auth File.

Step-7 Now go to Hostinger’s Dashboard and click on File Manager, after entering it, you have to first go to Domain>Websitename>Public_html.

Step-8 You have to create a folder named Well-Known and go inside that folder to create a folder named Pki-Validation. Now as I told in 6th Step, for file download, that file has to be uploaded properly in this folder.

Step-9 Again go to the website of SSL For Free, click on Download SSL Certificate, now a page will open in front of you in which you will see Certificate Code, Product Key Code and CA Bundle Code.

Step-10 Now you have to go to Hostinger Panel > SSL, copy one code and paste it there and click on Install, that’s your SSL Install.

Step-11 If you are a WordPress user then you have to install a plugin Really Simple SSL Install and Activate it.

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