How to rank your blog post on google first page

Friends, today we will talk in this article about how to rank your blog post on google first page, along with that we will know how to rank blog keywords, because this topic is the most important topic in blogging and we write articles only because of this. The post should be ranked on the first page of Google and we get a lot of traffic.

Whenever a new blogger starts writing a blog post, they need to have some patience because a new blog or new website takes some time to rank, for that new bloggers need to put good, unique and SEO friendly content. Is.

Let us know this step by step in detail, this information will be beneficial for new bloggers as well as old bloggers.


how to rank blog post in google

Ranking your website on the first page of Google in Google can seem like a daunting task; And it mostly happens like this because the rules of Google are always changing.

We all know that Keyword Tools and SEO will not be enough to rank our website or blog, for this Google and our users need to be kept in mind. Even SEO will not be beneficial for page ranking.

For Ranking Factor, along with the age of your website, the current ranking of the website also matters.

To rank articles on the first page, you have to do a lot of SEO and keyword research, then your articles will start ranking in 6-7 months.

Below I have tried to tell you some such ranking tips, which will help in getting your blog post ranked.


how to rank your blog on google first page

To rank your blog post, use the tips that I will tell you well in your blog, you will definitely get some result, because if you are also a new blogger then it is important for you to know these things.

This is the basic concept about how to rank your blog post on google. If you keep blogging without knowing these things, you will hardly get good results, you should try all these things for good results.

  • Do SEO of the blog.
  • Do Keyword Research.
  • Create High Quality Backlinks.


#1 how to do seo of blog

SEO means Search Engine Optimization of your blog is very important, which can benefit us a lot because in this you have to setup Blog which helps us to improve our User Experience even more.

Because Google itself wants that the user should get to see better content and get more and more information, that is why Google ranks only those blog posts or articles which are more Unique, Seo Friendly and Informative.

In SEO, you get to see a lot of things like setting up your blog, with good themes, templates which are small size so that the speed of your website is good.

We will divide Seo into 2 parts, one is On Page Seo and the other is Off Page Seo.

The second is Off Page Seo in which you have to work outside the website such as Blog Posting, Guest Post, Social Networking, Blog Marketing.


what is on page seo and how to do it

Nowadays there has been a lot of competition in blogging, it can be a bit difficult to make your blog different and rank it, to make any blog post popular or to make it Internet Visible, it is very important to do On Page Seo. .

How to do On Page Seo because in this article comes with Title Selection, Internal Linking, External Linking, Meta Tags, Meta Description and Image Selection part, which helps your blog to rank as User Friendly.

The more time the user spends on your blog, the more it will help the blog to be ranked, in On Page Seo you have to work on some topics such as,

  • Blog Post Title
  • Headings
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Speed
  • Meta Tags And Description
  • Alt Text Of Images
  • Image Selection


what is off page seo and how to do it

Off Page Seo is basically a very big topic which takes more time than On Page Seo to implement and there are many things in it which you cannot do together. But how to do Off Page Seo with On Page Seo is also important to know. Is

Off Page Seo in SEO is that through which the Page Authority of your blog increases, it helps to rank your blog, but for this you have to work on some techniques that can help us.

Backlinks are considered to be the most important factor, quality backlinks from other websites which can benefit your blog a lot. 6 such important factors that will help you in increasing the Page Authority of your blog.

Blog Post Submission
Social Media Engagement
Questions And Answers
Social Media Bookmarking
Image Submission
Forum Discussion


#2 how to do keyword research for blog

Friends, along with SEO, Keyword Research is also considered an important topic in Blogging, many new bloggers do not know how to do Keyword Research for  Blog and start writing research articles.

Writing a blog post without doing research is like shooting an arrow in the dark, whether you have ranked a keyword or not. And now there has been so much competition in Hindi blogs that you should write a blog post only by doing keyword research.

In this you will need some tools in which there will be some free and paid tools, in the beginning it is difficult for new bloggers to use Paid Tools, so there are some free tools so that you can do Keyword Research up to some limit.


1# Free Tools

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Soovle

2# Paid Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush

In the beginning, you should use Free Tools, research in the right way can give you good traffic, whether it is from Paid Tool or Free Tools.

Know how to do Keyword Research for Blog Step by Step.

  • Find Related Keywords according to the Niche of your blog.
  • Analyze the Competition of Keywords in Search Engines
  • Analyze how much is happening on Keyword Monthly Searches
  • On which keyword the competitors are ranking, collect those keywords (PAID TOOLS)
  • In the beginning, focus more on Long Tail Keywords
  • Collect Keyword from Top 5 Results by doing Keyword Search in Search Engine,
  • By mixing all these, extract your own results and keywords and use them in your article.


#3 What is backlinks and how to create

First of all, we know what is Backlink, after that we will know how to create Backlink for Blog. Backlink is a link that connects your website / blog to another website or blog, meaning if the backlink given in your post But if someone clicks then that user gets redirected to another website.

Everyone says that you should create High Quality Backlinks, but what is High Quality Backlinks, understand that there is such a blog or website in which a lot of traffic comes, that means that the Domain Authority and Page Authority of that blog will be good,

If you get a backlink from such a blog, then you have 2 benefits, first, some percentage of their traffic is diverted to your blog. Another important advantage is that at the time of Google Crawling, you also have a blog crawl along with their blog, which also helps in increasing the authority of your blog and in Google Ranking.


What are the types of backlinks

1 # DoFollow Backlink is the link that allows Google Bots to crawl or follow our website, whose link we have given on another website,

If we take Backlink from a blog with High DA, PA, then we will call it High Quality Backlink. DoFollow Backlink helps to increase the SEO Rank and Traffic of our website.

<A Href=””></A>

2# NoFollow Backlink is the link that Search Engine Bots ignore while indexing the post, because they do not index Nofollow Links, as well as it does not help in increasing the SEO ranking, in simple words, it is only traffic. It is useful to divert. By clicking on which you can go to another website.

<A Href=””Rel=”Nofollow”>5dwtech</A>

Backlinks work like a booster for our blog, which boosts our blog to grow. Some ways how to create backlinks for your blog by which you will be understand how to rank your blog post on google first page.

  • Do Guest Blogging – Do Guest Blogging on Sites with High DA PA where you will get High Quality Backlink which can be very beneficial for your website
  • Social Media Marketing – Promote your website and your blog post on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, share, share and link your blog to them.
  • Comment On Blog Post – Make comments by visiting the Niche Related Blogs of your blog, remember one thing that do not spamming every time you comment, but make some good Relatable Comments. While making comments, do not forget to put the URL of your blog in front of the website, from which you get Backlink.


#4 Other ways to rank blog posts on Google

With SEO and Backlinks, there are some other small things that you should keep in mind so that your blog can become a perfect blog, such websites rank easily.

  • Install SSL Certificate in your blog.
  • Write Quality Content.
  • Share Social Media
  • Use Copyright Free Images
  • Increase website speed
  • Do Internal Linking
  • Host the blog with a good platform
  • Add Blog to Google Search Console
  • Use Responsive Template Theme
  • Keep posting regularly
  • Use Meta Description and Permalink correctly

I hope you have understood how to rank your blog post on google first page and how to increase traffic on blog.

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